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Di Juan Liu - Sidmouth
Herbcures - Northwich
Mrs Dorothy Baker MBAcC - Bury St Edmunds
Park View Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic - Worthing
Philip A Hodson MBAcC - Newmarket
Philip A Ludkns MBAcC - Folkestone
Philip D Holmes MBAcC - Bexhill-on-Sea
Philippa Nice MBAcC - Canterbury
Philippe Mathon MBAcC MBRA - London
Phillip Holmes - Eastbourne
Phoenix Acupuncture Clinic - Worthing
Phuoc Huynh MBAcC - Huntingdon
Physio Plus - Northampton
Pilar Godino MBAcC - Sunbury-on-Thames
Pippa Zintilis MBAcC - Whitstable
PJ Cousin - London
PJ Cousin - London
PJ Cousin - London
Putney Acupuncture Clinic - London
Putney Mrs S P Lim-Cooper MBAcC - London
Qi Medical Centre - London
Qing Zhang MBAcC - Southampton
R Newman Turner FBAcC - Letchworth
Rachael de Vere Marfleet - Luton
Rachel Dufft MBAcC - Bournemouth
Rachel Millsted - Knutsford
Rachel Millsted - Chester
Rachel Millsted - Knutsford
Rachel Millsted - Lymm
Rachel Smith MBAcC - Newport
Rebecca Hunter MBAcC - Huddersfield
Reg D'Souza MBAcC - Truro
Replingham Clinic - London
Rhona Fraser MBAcC - Glasgow
Richard Bertschinger MBAcC - Yeovil
Richard Collisson MBAcC - London
Richard G Cross MBAcC - Oxted
Richard Lamb MBAcC - King's Lynn
Richard Nutting Mbacc - Henley-on-Thames
Richard Nutting Mbacc - Marlow
Richard Royds MBAcC - Tavistock
Richard Steven BSc (Hons), BM (Beijing), MATCM - London
Richard Steven BSc (Hons), BM (Beijing), MATCM - London
Richard Vincent MBAcC - Ludlow
Richard Walters Mbacc - Lyme Regis
Richard Walters Mbacc - Ottery St Mary
Richard Walters Mbacc Judy Taylorson Mbacc - Exeter
Rigby Court Clinic & Chinese Dispensary - Norwich
Rita Kalagate Kalagow MBAcC - Greenford
Rob Esser - Hythe
Robert Clark MBAcC - Stourbridge
Robert Hughes MBAcC Galit Hughes MBAcC - Sevenoaks
Robert James Powell MBAcC - Stockport
Robert Lock MBAcc - Poole
Robert Lock MBAcc - Colliton Walk
Robert Wilson MBAcC - Aberdeen
Robin Costello Mbacc - Ascot
Robin Croley MBAcC - Chesterfield
Robin Croley MBAcC - Chesterfield
Rochdale Chinese Medical Centre - Rochdale
Roderick Edlin MBAcC - Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Roger Beresford MBAcC Suffolk Clinic - Coventry
Roger Hill Mbacc - South Molton
Roger Murray MBAcC - Seaford
Roger Murray MBAcC - Lewes
Roisin Golding MBAcC Acupuncture Works - London
Romsey Qing Zhang MBAcC John Zhang MBAcC - Romsey
Ronson Pauline - Gravesend
Rosemary Fitzgerald MBAcC - Newmarket
Ross Hargbrave Mbacc Totnes Natural Health Centre - Totnes
Ross Leslie - Ashford
Rowena Harris MBAcC - Twickenham
Royce Menezes MBAcC - Trowbridge
Royston Low FBAcC - Esher
Ruolin Sun MBAcc - Poole
Ruolin Sun MBAcC - Winchester
Ruth A Gardener Mbacc - Torquay
Ruth Clarke MBAcC - Olney
Ruth Hajioff MBAcC - London
Ruth Young MBAcC - Nottingham
S Hopkins MBAcC - Coventry
S K Champaneria - Bradford
Sallie Hone MBAcC - Woking
Samantha Jessel MBAcC - Woodstock
San Ling Clinic - London
Sandra King MBAcC - High Wycombe
Sara Mokone MBAcC - London
Sarah Brawn MBAcC - Huntingdon
Sarah Cooper-Olsen MBAcC - Worthing
Sarah Hill MBAcC - Stirling
Sayer Clinics - London
School Of Five Element Acupuncture & Clinic - London
Sean Cleere - Reading
Sean Cleere - Wokingham
Sean Cleere - wokingham
Sean Cleere Mbacc - Reading
Sean Cleere Mbacc - Wokingham
Sean Veck Mbacc - Ascot
Sen - London
Sen At John Bell & Croyden - London
Shai Golan MBAcC - London
Shai Golan MBAcC - London
Sharon Yelland MBAcC - Plymouth
Sheila Harper MBAcC - Aberdeen
Sheilagh Richardson MBAcC - Waterlooville
Sheilagh Richardson MBAcC - Havant
Sheringham Medical Centre - Sheringham
Shipra Amin - Harrow
Shirley Porter MBAcC - Ely
Shizhen - Manchester
Shizhen Clinic - Sheffield
Shropshire Acupuncture - Wem
Simon Fielding MBAcC - Leicester
Simon Kerr MBAcC - Derby
Simon L K Cheung Mbacc - Maidenhead
Simon R Chesney MBAcC - Amersham
Simone Olds Associates - London
Siobhan Flynn - Bromsgrove
Smyth D - Ruardean
Snailgate Osteopathic Clinic - Norwich
Soui Lau Mbacc - Camberley
South West Acupuncture - Ilminster
South West Acupuncture - Chard
Southampton Allardyce Mr Neil MBAcC - Southampton
Spence Lynn - Telford
Springwell Complementary Health Centre - Cleckheaton
St Peter's House Resource Centre - London
St. John's Hill Clinic for Chinese Medicine - Shrewsbury
Stacey Ash MBAcC - Huddersfield
Stacey Ash MBAcC - Holmfirth
Stella Simpson MBAcC - London
Stella Simpson MBAcC - London
Stephen Ellis - Norwich
Stephen Ellis MBAcC - Norwich
Stephen Henson MBAcC - Stoke-on-Trent
Stephen Hunter MBAcC - Ilkley
Stephen Lee MBAcC - Northampton
Stephen Macallan MBAcC - Nantwich
Stephen Todd MBAcC - Perranporth
Steve Harris - Nelson
Steve Harris MBAcC - Skipton
Steve Harris MBAcC - Preston
Steve Harris MBAcC - Clitheroe
Steve Reynolds MBAcC - Northampton
Strudwick Sarah - Kettering
Stuart Lightbody MBAcC - Halifax
Stuart Revell MBAcC - Woking
Stuart Wright MBAcC - Hove
Stubbington Natural Health Clinic - Fareham
Studio 1 - New Milton
Sue Branch MBAcC - Weymouth
Sue Davis Acupuncturist - Colwyn Bay
Sue Horne MBAcc - Wimborne
Sue Kalicinska Mbacc - Camberley
Sue Marston MBAcC - Stourport-on-Severn
Sue Taplin MBAcC - Abergavenny
Suky Bains MBAcC - West Byfleet
Summertown Clinic - Oxford
Susan Alexander - Milton Keynes
Susan Evans - Crewe
Susan Evans MBAcC - Stone
Susan Keady MBAcC - Leyland
Susan Leah Nelson MBAcC - Wirral
Susan Leah Nelson MBAcC - Ashbourne
Susan Sutton MBAcC - Weybridge
Susan Thorne MBAcC - Guildford
Susan Tosoni MBAcC - Tonbridge
Susan Truce MBAcC - Brighton
Susan Woodhead MBAcC - Winchester
Susie Parkinson BA,BSc,Lic Ac,MBAcC - Barnsley
Susy J Willcock MBAcC - Strathaven
Suzanne Dykes BSc (Hons), BAcC., Lic.AC - London
Suzanne Dykes BSc (Hons), BAcC., Lic.AC - London
Sybil Diskin Mbacc - Slough
Tabitha Laksimi MBAcC - London
Tamar Dhiri - London
Tamar Engel-Warshaw MBAcC - London
Tamara Ashcroft-Nowicki MBAcC - Malmesbury
Terry Simou MBAcC - Etchingham
Tess Reynolds Mbacc - Ellesmere
The Bi Shao Tan Clinic - Slough
The Abingdon Surgery - Abingdon
The Acupuncture & Osteopathy Clinic - Frome
The Acupuncture Clinic - Hove
The Acupuncture Works - Newcastle upon Tyne
The Avenue Health Clinic - London
The Central Practice - Waltham Cross
The Chester Clinic For Complementary Medicine - Chester
The Chi Clinic - Redditch
The Chinese Medical & Skin Centre - Chester
The Chinese Medical Centre - Nantwich
The Civic Clinic - Darlington
The Complementary Health Care Clinic - Norwich
The Complementary Medicine Centre - Glasgow
The Complementary Medicine Practice - Marylebone
The Cotswold Complementary Theraphy Centre - Banbury
The Creative Health Centre - Stourbridge
The Darlington Centre of Oriental Medicine - Darlington
The Deeping Clinic - Peterborough
The Delawarr Clinic - Oxford
The Foster Clinic - Great Yarmouth
The Harrow Helath Care Centre - Harrow
The Healthy Living Centre - London
The Humbleyard Centre - Norwich
The Iffley Acupuncture Clinic - Oxford
The Jade Pathway Centre Ltd - Cambridge
The Lime Clinic - Buckingham
The Lotus Clinic - Cheltenham
The Mews Clinic - Chipping Norton
The Mitchell Hill Clinic - Truro
The Nancy Doyle Clinic - Bromsgrove
The Nancy Doyle Clinic - Worcester
The Natural Health Centre - Finham Coventry
The Natural Healthcare Centre - Burton-On-Trent
The Norfolk Clinic - Norwich
The Oriental Therapies Centre - Frodsham
The Pain Clinic - Manchester
The Pain Clinic - Dukinfield
The Parsons Street Clinic - Banbury
The Plumb Blossom Clinic - Chelmsford
The Rosedale Clinic - Oxford
The Stourbridge Osteophathic & Acupuncture Clinic - Stourbridge
The Sutton Osteopathy & Natural Health Clinic Aide - Sutton
The Traditional Acupuncture Clinic - Norwich
The Wells Spring Clinic - Wells
The Wesley Lane Clinic - Bicester
The Wirral Clinic - Birkenhead
Therapy Green Acupuncture - London
Thi Phung Ly & Hong Phuoc Ho MBAcC - Cambridge
Thomas Marshall-Manifold MBAcC - London
Thomson Jeanette - Barnet
Thw Witney Natural Health Clinic - Witney
Tim Dixon MBAcC - Machynlleth
Tim Stillwell MBAcC - Letchworth
Timothy Martin MBAcC - Worthing
Tom Williams MBAcC - Glasgow
Tony Chester MBAcC - Wembley
Tony Evans FBAcC Lynne Pretty MBAcC - Bristol
Tony Orridge MBAcC - Nottingham
Tony Sugden MBAcC - King's Lynn
Toung Van Long - Birmingham
Traditional Acupuncture - Ashby De La Zouch
Traditional Acupuncture Centre - London
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Clinic - Malvern
Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre - Weston-super-Mare
Trevor Reeves MBAcC - London
Triangle Therapies - Leeds
Trina Ward MBAcC - London
Trish Hunter MBAcC - Chester
Tristan Bishop Mbacc - Slough
Tudor House Clinic - Aylesbury
Tukmachi Emad - Newcastle
Ulla Johari MBAcc - Wareham
Usha Stainton - Midhurst
Valerie Barlow MBAcC - Sunderland
Valerie Clayson MBAcC - Nottingham
Valerie Clayson MBAcC - Nottingham
Valerie Scott MBAcC - Thame
Valerie Swingler MBAcC - Uttoxeter
Vanessa Brown - Brighton
Vanessa Hamilton MBAcC - Hereford
Vanessa Hamilton MBAcC - Hereford
Vicki Creek MBAcC - Caernarfon
Virginia Cooper Mbacc - Reading
Vivien Onslow MBAcC - Bolton
Vivienne Brown - Leamington Spa
W M Daman - Bournemouth
Wantage Acupuncture Clinic - Wantage
Wendy Burrows MBAcC - Hexham
Wendy Goodman - St Neots
Wendy Kaye Hooper MBAcC - Redditch
Wendy Longworth MBAcC - London
Wendy Palette MBAcC Edward Garland MBAcC - Kidderminster
West Hants Lawn Tennis Club - Bournemouth
Wholistic Health Centre - South Croydon
Wigan Lynne M Dean MBAcC - Wigan
Will Richardson MBAcC - Salisbury
William Urquhart - Camberley
Wimborne Chinese Medicine Clinic - Wimborne
Wirral Acupuncture Clinic - Wallasey
Wirral Back Clinic - Wirral
Wood Green Complementary Health Centre - London
Woodside Clinic - Dunstable - Loughborough
Yang Kang Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine - Enfield
Yong Chai Siow FBAcC - Wembley
Yvette Masure Lic.Ac.M.B.Ac.C - London
Yvette Masure Lic.Ac.M.B.Ac.C - London
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