Results in Stoke-sub-Hamdon - TA14 from :
Harvey - Ham Hill Masonry Works
Justin Orwin Photography - West Street
Lord Nelson - Rectory Lane
Mark H Tanner & Associates - 4 Hamdon Close
The Prince of Wales - Ham Hill
Caroline J. Spiers - 11
Glen Prince - Unit 8 North Street Workshops
Adpr Ltd - 2 North Street Workshops
Billabong Services - The Moorings
Cetsat Ltd. - Unit 15
Jenoo Software - Unit 18
Little Norton Mill - Little Norton Mill
Maritime Prints - Unit 4/North Street Workshops
Muddy Dog - Unit 14/North Street Workshops
Russian Steppes Ltd - Unit 12/North St Workshops
Snell Print Ltd - Unit 5/North St Workshops
South Somerset Visitor Centre - Cartgate Picnic Site
Courtfield - Great Street
Wessex Antique Bedsteads -
Worldwide Volunteering For Young People - Unit 7/North Street Workshops
Worldwide Volunteering - Unit 7/North Street Workshops/North St
Probiotics International Ltd - Matts La
Premier Properties International - Great St
Pondskater Design Ltd - Coopers Cottage/Broadmead La
Hamdon Education - Old Hay Barn/East St
Door & Operators Manufacturing Association - Unit 8/North Street Workshops/North St
Cat Head The - Cat St
Watkins Books & Prints - Unit 9/North Street Workshops/North St
Hamdon First Aid - 16 North Street Workshops
Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd - Pranketts House
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